"Rock the Boat" is a single by Aaliyah. It was featured on her self-titled album. The song was released as a single in the United States on January 15, 2002, the day before what would have been Aaliyah's twenty-third birthday.

The song's female narrator instructs her lover on how to please her sexually. Though written sometime before it was released, there was caution in Aaliyah's performance of it due to a belief that she was not ready for the mature lyrics of the song.

The music video for "Rock the Boat" was shot in late August 2001. Aaliyah announced the music video was being shot on BET's 106th and Park the day before it began filming. In the music video, Aaliyah is featured with several female dancers on a boat. There are underwater shots of her swimming, which were filmed in Florida. Following the early completion of the music video, she got on a boat and went with several members of her record company to board a fatal flight. Her death after filming the music video caused some to question if it would ever air.

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